Our Specialties

A selection of our products are pictured below. Depending on the current season our range of specialties may vary.
If you are unable to visit us in store, place your order by email and we will arrange postage to you in Switzerland or abroad.


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Weber's Birnbrot (Pear Bread)

Small or large size available

Bündner Nusstorte (Grisons Walnut tart)

Small, middle or large sizes available

Arosa Specialty

9 piece gift box

Arosa Specialty

3 piece gift box

Arosa Squirrels

3 pieces

Weber's Aroserli

16 pieces


Different types available

Curling Stones

Winter Specialty

Chocolates and Liquor filled chocolates

Different types available

Chocolate shards

Different types available


Small or large pieces available


Rum, Champagne, Baileys, white, dark and milk chocolate available